Cultural and Programmatic Manifesto of ConseQuenze

In Italy there is a minority and privileged production which governs and homologates culture and the artistic offer.
A vertical production that is ruthless and arrogant.
Under this cupola a submerged and hugely majority output survives. It is made of citizens that have neither space nor voice. It is a universe rich in ideas, energies as well as skills, but it is weak because it is fragmented and often resigned with respect to the conditions imposed.
Inertia but also indignation is perceived in the air. As if these people had been deprived of dream and passion. As if they had been deprived of that very share of ambition that leads to individual and collective growth.
However it is not dead yet. And in this era, which is so confused, one finally feel the need of a rebirth.
The feeling perceived is formidable and conveys seductive emotions.

In this era, it is possible to make our lives and our personal story extraordinary.
ConseQuenze is a large community that was born from a shared idea.
It is an opinion movement, but not aiming at forming an opinion. It springs from an urgent need of millions of men and women that cannot be postponed. The need of living in a “normal” Italy, accessible to all, is perceived by every responsible and sensitive citizen. We do not need communication wizards, advertisers or prophets who make promises before elections.
There are no “primadonnas” in our midst.
We need unity and solidarity. We need to be numerous, all peacefully aiming at common goals to give a tangible sign of collective maturity as well as of civil awareness.

The proposal and the project

To create a large national and international community of informed and aware Citizens, mature and determined to transform the mechanisms that suffocate the artistic and cultural expression.
To make artists responsible for the works they create and propose, in a framework of research and quality based on individual passion as well as on the actual demand of the population. Such a framework should also be rooted in the society in which we live and in the historic path we are treading.
Such a responsibility stems from the very meaning of the activity carried out by each artist; it has to achieve the spirit of connection, integration, interpretation and solidarity towards society as a whole.
The works relating to every sort of discipline and characteristics will be carried out for the public’s benefit. The citizens also must play a fundamental role in this large community.
They will play a leading role in the cultural offer, not as beneficiaries only, but also as individuals who propose ideas and aggregation opportunities in the sign of art.
The acquired leading role will more than ever constitute an element of equality and freedom. It will no longer be possible to manage culture in a totalitarian and exclusive way: said culture will be nurtured through the active participation of the very public.
The role of passive user, client and spectator will change into that of Citizen present and active in cultural choices. Without any sort of distinction.
Youth will be enabled to participate in this great movement, with new ideas and energies. A large part of the dream that leads us into achieving this project is based on young people: the aim is to return depth, dignity and consistency to the world of art, of cultural communication and of entertainment and to give back to Italy the principal role it has held in the past due to its production of great masterpieces.
This important aggregation will place us in the position to create a real market and all those who work in the field of expression will be able to speedily and efficiently use a ready-made net of co-operators and public. The capacity to carry out, promote and spread will immediately be multiplied through the uninterrupted connection with other artists and with many professions that are extant within the community. It will be possible to have fast access to theatres, show rooms, cinemas and places where works can be exhibited. The circuit organized in such a way will make possible many forms of synergies and co-operations among artists even from different disciplines, so that, for example, the launching of a film could also give the opportunity of launching a book or of selling the works of other artists.
These will be works and opportunities accessible to all, both from an intellectual and a strictly economical point of view. Culture must be inexpensive, specially in times of serious recession.
The only discriminating element might be the expression of public appreciation and the evaluating element will not be created by a promotional push but only by a criterion of quality.

We seriously believe in all this and we commit ourselves into aggregating all the artists who wish to operate in such an ambit and ensuring they get the spaces they need for their various expressions.
We seriously believe in all this and we commit ourselves into involving the public and working in close touch with them, certain we will receive from them further stimuli in a friendly and co-operating atmosphere.
We seriously believe in all this and we commit ourselves with all our strength into inserting the
requirements that rest with us in order to make this great Country of ours a “normal” place, where the harmonious development of the existential project each of us have will be made possible.

ConseQuenze says yes to
All those who understand that this is an era where it is necessary to have a beneficial and constructive influence,
All those who believe in the power of a free culture and independent expression,
All those who are aware of the true human potentiality,
All the CITIZENS because there is no need for liegemen.

And says
No to those artists who are separated and distant from civil society. Art means inclusion.
No to self-referential entities that do not place themselves at the service of the public.
No to those artists who place success above quality and compromise above respect for the public.
No to a market that chooses and decides from above, according to a generic logic and patronizing criterions.
No to a market for just a few.
No to a market in which politics enters only to limit equality and freedom of expression.
No to all those who do not want to be active participants of our cultural proposal.
No to all those who are sick with resignation, scepticism and belonging sectarianism.
No to all those who want to give this community a political complexion.

Let’s be a part of ConseQuenze

This community is totally at the service of an idea, it is not a centralized hierarchic structure.
It is not an isolated initiative, tied to the carrying-out of shows and events.
It is neither a niche nor an elitist project.